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Thank you for making a donation to promote our plan for a 100% Renewable Victoria.

Unlike the old parties, we don’t have big corporate backers like fossil fuel giants or property developers.

We’re a grassroots movement. We can’t take on the old parties and their corporate backers without the generous support of people like you.

Your generous donation will help make a 100% Renewable Victoria a reality.

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Who's donating

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Peter Donald
Larissa Brown
Nina Vallins
Ian Bird
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peter Enright
Judith Toller
Damian Thrum
Steven Fowler
Jeffrey Leis
Chris Vassili
Chris Hooper
Linelle Stepto
Dorothy Howes
elizabeth rider
Joan Spittle
Mick Sirianni
Bill Johnson
Alexander Adelaar
Ruth Bresland
Tony Marshall
Grant Lester
Sam Cremean
Amy Morison
Arthur Williamson
Donna Battams
Simon Eggleston
Jon McLeod
Who's donating: from fhsfh, GA donated. Thank you!

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